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The Alexander Technique teaches whole body awareness to help you move with ease and efficiency.  Throughout our lives, we create habits that interfere with the natural way our bodies are intended to move.  The Alexander Technique teaches you to notice and get rid of undesired habits, allowing day-to-day activities to become easier and more enjoyable.  You can apply the principles to everything you do, including sitting, walking, working at a computer, and playing an instrument or a sport.

When applying the Alexander Technique to the guitar, you hold your instrument and move in ways that are more efficient and less taxing on your body.  When your muscles don't have to work hard to hold your instrument up and move your arms to play, you can focus on making music.  Musicians who study AT not only avoid injury and have less pain, but they also become better musicians.  

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Amy is in her third year of study with the Contemporary Alexander School to become a certified Alexander Technique teacher. She first discovered AT when she was in intense pain and diagnosed with carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome while in her second year of a masters program in guitar performance at California State University, Fullerton.  She took Alexander Technique lessons with Dory Steinmetz (American Society of the Alexander Technique - AmSAT), and Christie Johnson (Alexander Technique International - ATI).  AT helped Amy complete her masters program and continue to enjoy performing and teaching the guitar without pain. She chose to become an Alexander Technique teacher to be a well-rounded educator to her private guitar students, and to bring AT to the guitar community.  

Amy recently completed a summer internship at the Meadowmount School of Music, where she worked with instrumentalists in private and group settings.
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